Theme for This Month’s Fellowship Lunch on May 22nd is “Men Can Cook”

Our theme for this month's Fellowship Lunch on May 22nd is a "Men Can Cook" competition. All meals will be cooked solely by the men of the church. Everyone that stays for lunch can vote for their favorite dish. (Men, keep your dish a secret!) The winner of the best dish will take home the perpetual "Men Can Cook Plaque" for May 2016, and keep it until the May 2017 when it will be passed on to the 2017 winner. Cook well, men! … [Read The Entire Post]

Theme of FACT Lunch on April 24th is “Brunch”!

The theme of the next FACT (Fellowship After Church Time) lunch will be "brunch" (breakfast foods for lunch). Come join us for a meal and fellowship after church on April 24th! … [Read The Entire Post]