Fosbury Flop

Is It Really Impossible?

  This man was  laughed at and booed at every track meet.  Amazingly, he went on to win the gold medal in 1968 at the Mexico City Olympics for the high jump!  Who was this athlete?  His name was Dick Fosbury and he did something everyone thought was impossible in the 60’s. One day he decided to jump over the bar backwards instead of forwards.  Imagine the anxiety of doing something for the first time in front of tons of people.  Think about how many times he must have thought, … [Read The Entire Post]


Famous Or Significant?

  Do you know the difference between what is famous and who is significant? Sometimes we’re sucked into the quicksand of thinking fame equals significance.  It can; but more often than not it doesn’t. Our culture proves that daily. We are enamored with famous people, but they’re often miles from significance. It’s easy to bow to the status of people while passing by the significance of people with character. Famous people are lit up in neon lights but after their funeral the light … [Read The Entire Post]